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Since when you are in travel industry?
Staff Numbers Employed in the Itinerary
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What is the Most Remarkable Entity of the Itinerary in these Ecotours such as Attractions and Entertainment Options
Holding adventure tours to gain new experiences and get acquainted with different climates and cultures.
What kind of facilities the Itinerary includes such as Accommodation Venues and/or Food Beverage Places visited
its kind of full board tour which is consist accommodation and food and transportation and also quick response support team and professional and qualified tour leaders.
What are the Activities Performed by You in these Eco-focused Tours?
we hold theme tour , which is support all kind of activities and experience in different categories.
The Benefit Contribution of the Program to the World
Experience adventure in a country rich in climates of nature and full of special tourism destinations in a four-season country with familiarity with various ancient historical cultures to gain valuable experiences
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Iran Adventurers Group with 11 years of experience in organizing adventure tours and creating new travel styles using creativity and by effort and trying to provide a safe and smooth way in order to develop the ecotourism industry and create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in small local communities or help Their development and prosperity and creating very useful and valuable experiences for tour travelers in order to create added value in all this way with a new and powerful step has tried to make an impact in this industry, we rely on values ​​to realize the vision for Presenting our mission We think we are the right option to win the award of this event.
Future Projects for Ecotravellers
To develop our plan and get lead by our creativity to help nature and care about it more than before and help more people to gain new and special exprince to upgrade quality of living
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