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2014 TGC Burhan Felek Press Service Award.
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RAŞİT YAKALI / English Raşit Yakalı was born in 1943 in Tire, İzmir, Turkey. He taught in a primary school for 5 years. He started caricature with the encouragement of M. Semih BALCIOGLU, a master of the art of caricature. His first caricature was published in 1962 in Tercüman-a daily newspaper. His work as a professional caricaturist appeared in several newspapers and magazines, namely Yeni Asır (1964-1968), Pardon Mizah Magazine (1969-1970), Dünya (1970- 1987), Hürriyet (1987-1992), Fotospor (1993-1994), as well as BRT TV (1995-1996). He is currently affiliated with 'Bizim Gazete' newspaper. Mr. Yakalı has put on five personal exhibitions. In 1980 he founded the Çarşaf School of Caricature and directed the School until 1992. Semih BALCIOĞLU was also the co-director of the School for some time. Together, they put on 15 exhibitions called "Biz de varız (We exist too)." Two of the artist's books and two of his caricatures have been on exhibition in the museums of caricature in Bulgaria and Canada. Raşit Yakalı is married with two children. He is a member of the Caricaturists Society, Turkish Journalists Society, Turkish Sports Writers Society, and Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club. Albums: Çizgiyle, 1973 (With Illustrations), İşçi Çizgisi , 1975 (Labour Illustration), Çizgiyle İcraatın İçinden, 1984 (Actions with Illustrations), Gözlüklü Martı, 1987-with Reşit Aşcıoğlu (Seagull with Glasses), Günlük ,1998 (Journal), Çizgiyle 40 Yıl, 2002 (40 Years with Illustrations) Magazines: Bilge Sanat Dergisi , 1964 (Bilge Arts Magazine), Çağdaş Mizah Dergisi , 1975 (Contemporary Comic Magazine), Yeni Çuval Mizah Dergisi , 1978 (New Sack Comic Magazine), Papağan Mizah Dergisi, 1978 (Parrot Comic Magazine) Awards: 1970-- Turkish Sports Writers Society, 3rd prize (shared with Faik Akın) for his page titled "İster Uyan, İster Uyanma" 1974-- International Caricature Competition, Marostika, Italy, 3rd prize. 1978-- Turkish Sports Writers Society, 3rd prize. 1979-- Turkish Journalists Society, 3rd prize. 1982-- Turkish Journalists Society, Success Award 1984-- Turkish Journalists Society, Outstanding Journalist of the Year Award. 1996-- Serdar Çakırer Caricature Competition, Caricaturists Society Special Award. 1998-- Turkish Sports Writers Society, 1st prize. 1999-- Turkish Sports Writers Society, 2nd prize. 2000-- Nehar Tüblek Caricature Competition, Award presented by "Dünya" Newspaper. 2000-- Turkish Sports Writers Society Caricature Competition. 2001-Turkish Sports Writers Society,2nd prize 2002-Taivan Ewcellent 2002 - Turkish Sports Writers Society 1 .prize 2002 - Esenyurt Belediyesi Society Succers Award. 2003 - 35.Skopje Grand Prix ( Golden Plaket ) 2013- İlev (İletişimliler vakfı meslekte 50.yıl ödülü.) 2014 TGC Burhan Felek Press Service Award. Plaques: Plaque presented by the Caricaturists Society in 1992 for his contributions to the growth of young Turkish caricaturists Plaque presented by the Liones Board of Administration in 1990, 1992, 1993 for his contributions to the art of caricature, and in 1999 for his memberships in the Board of Administration.
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