Stella Appenteng

Ghana - Apstar Tours Limited

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Since when you are in travel industry?
Staff Numbers Employed in the Itinerary
What is the Most Remarkable Entity of the Itinerary in these Ecotours such as Attractions and Entertainment Options
The Stilted Village of Nzulezu where all activities are based, the villages around the Ankobra River where there is interaction with tourists in the village and surrounding area.
What kind of facilities the Itinerary includes such as Accommodation Venues and/or Food Beverage Places visited
accommodation, local food and eateries, tourism sites and learning centres
What are the Activities Performed by You in these Eco-focused Tours?
all arrangement including transfers, site visits and entertainment to local drumming and dancing, sampling of local food.
The Benefit Contribution of the Program to the World
The sustainability and economic aspect to the locality cannot be over ruled. Job creation such as site guides and supporting staff are based in the locality. Opportunities are created for study and research into our culture for better understanding.
Have You Been Involved in Social Responsibility Projects Before?
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Why Should You be Considered for the Award?
as a multi award winner over the years with vast experience in. the industry I look forward to being considered
Future Projects for Ecotravellers
As a developer of forest in the Fanteakwa District (Re forestation) groups will be taken to this area to experience the forest that has various species of trees including Cedrella, Mahogany , Teak , Ofram etc.
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