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Collect plastics 2 4 and 5 , Transform this Plastics into plastic wood and implement the use of this plastic wood in Accessible Solutions around Costa Rica.
The Benefit Contribution of the Activity to the World
In one year we have collected 40tons of plastic that before our project was not recycle, collected nor transformed. It was going to the normal trash, to the rivers and oceans.
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Do You Have an Exemplary Project Applied on any Scale?
This non-profit is the only association in the country who cares about the right of recreation and leisure in tourism industry for locals and foreigners alike. It works every day in the implementation and awareness of the tourism industry. We work based on the UN SDG, the Global Code of Ethics from UNWTO and Montreal’s Declaration from ISTO. We faithfully believe that “tourism for all” is, in addition to be a right, the most innovative and complete route to the new normality. The three main pillars of the Association are: 1. INFORM: communicate all efforts of accessibility in the tourism chain of value through our directory 2. VERIFY: we visit the properties to check accessibility, we create a plan of accessibility so that they can improve on their own rhythm. We do the verification with certified professionals in the field. 3. EDUCATE: we have created local and international alliances to educate the industry on different elements of accessibility for example service, communication, inclusion. Working in the field we realized that there was a big dilemma on the beaches. There is no access to the beaches in Costa Rica for people with disabilities. So, we created a Social and Environmental project we call DONATAPA. This project was born in March 2018, which creates accessible model beaches through the recycling of plastic 2, 4 and 5. This plastic is transformed into plastic wood which is used to manufacture innovative products (retractable walkways, amphibian chairs, beach chairs, garbage cans, among others). DONATAPA adds an additional pillar to the non-profit organization which is SUSTAINABILITY. With the non-profit goals and this social and environmental project we are promoting social equality, human rights, safeguard natural environment, protect natural heritage, avoid waste production, provide local and foreigner tourists with honest information, contribute to sustainable development and community well-being.
Do you Have a Current Social Responsibility Policy Undertaken?
We work everyday on our POLICY which is create accessible solutions and reduce the impact of plastic
Do You Have any Humanitarian Project that Took Place
Accessible Solutions for example in the beaches. We give access to the beach for people with disabilities that prior to us could not visit nor enjoy Costa Rica's nature, ocean, sand.
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We are an innovative social and enviornmental project that not only recycles and transforms plastic. We are a country campaign with tons of people around the country donating plastic. But we also create a big impact in society. We show people that an accessible destination for all is important. For example when we created the first beach access in Jaco Beach the quanity of media was huge, the impact for the chain of value of the area that now recieves this niche of tourists, and the social impact that gives people with disabilities. Wow there are no words. But if we do a Social ROI where we invest $5,000usd in the beach, we get a media coverage at least $20,000usd our retunr of investment is 300%. For every $1usd invested the return is $4usd. Which is translated in a great social and economic impact.
Future Projects for Ecotourism
Pathway and amphibian chairs in Osa Peninsula. And the first 100% accessible mobil changing place/ bathrroom that will be in place in Costa Rica's beaches.
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