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Altogether 30 stuff members - 4 employed and 26 freelancers
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every year since 2016
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Eco Friendly Tour Operator of the Year, Travel & Hospitility Award Winner, LTG Winner – Asia & Australasia
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Sumatra EcoTravel Bukit Lawang offers ecologically responsible travel in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Our tours are arranged with the desire of conserving the environment and the well-being of people and animals in this region. Our ambition is to give travelers a taste of the colourful Indonesian culture and to protect the Gunung Leuser National Park, especially the habitat of the last Sumatran orangutans. In cooperation with local partners and villagers, our EcoTravel team in Bukit Lawang combines exceptional outdoor activities for travelers with a vision of sustainability. At the same time we aim to control visitor numbers as well as visitors’ behaviour in order to avoid negative impact on social and ecological systems. Being deeply rooted in their region our team will help you discover the rainforest and the Indonesian culture in a unique and innovative way. So along with our sustainable jungle treks it’s the exploration of local life that is at the heart of many other tours. From 2013 we have been pioneering with mountain bike trips to the villages around Bukit Lawang. On top of these adventure tours we have been offering homestays with local families since 2011. Our guides will be acting as interpreters and make EcoTravel guests feel at ease with the Northern Sumatra way of life! Eco tourism provides a big potential to take responsibility for the preservation of wildlife and plants as well as a sustainable livelihood for local communities around protected areas. Having said that, the impact of tourism must always be controlled in order to remain within sensible limits. Please find our ecotourism policy here: https://www.sumatra-ecotravel.com/about-us/our-eco-tourism-policy/
The Benefit Contribution of the Activity to the World
- Since 2012 our team has been organising and working on waste collections in the National Park. We remove garbage during each of our jungle treks and even more thoroughly on our regular waste collection days. MORE THAN 30.000 LITRES OF WASTE have been removed from the rain forest within the last years only! This waste was left by other tour operators and tourists and shows how essential our scheme EcoTravel’s "Keep The Jungle Green!" (founded by Kembar in 2013) has become to Gunung Leuser National Park. Please find more information here: https://www.sumatra-ecotravel.com/keep-the-jungle-green/ecotravel-waste-management/ - With Sumatra’s shrinking natural forests providing less food for its inhabitants, conflicts between farmers and wildlife are inevitable – especially in the "buffer zone" of rainforest, farmland and villages around the Gunung Leuser National Park. That’s why we have made it our goal to protect the area and balance the clash of interests by re-planting the buffer zone with native trees such as Durian, Rambutan, Jengkol, Petai, Redas or Jackfruit – in cooperation with our partners from local organisation "Nature for Change" since 2015. Any conflict could be further minimised and the habitat of the animals extended through the support of the farmland’s owners. Our popular "Explore Local Life Tour" to the villages around Bukit Lawang, our "Homestay Experience" including a tree nursery project or our "Buffer Zone Trek & Trees Tour" are paths to the understanding of local ecologic and socio-economic contexts. And even more, they humbly contribute to the villagers’ income. More information: https://www.sumatra-ecotravel.com/keep-the-jungle-green/planting-trees-for-the-future/ - With donations from our guests our EcoTravel team supports Rumah Baca Pintar Bersama (RBPB), a wonderful project for local primary school children in North Sumatra. Managed by our local partner organisation “Nature For Change”, around 50 children receive individual formal schooling every afternoon at the Timbang Lawang village education centre. The education is free of charge and offers qualified support in several school subjects, including English. The school concept was developed by committed local people with the aim of giving children from less affluent families a good start into their future. Children of all age groups receive free tuition in English, Religious Education, traditional dance, natural science and environmental protection. Link: https://www.sumatra-ecotravel.com/keep-the-jungle-green/school-children/ - Purified drinking water for our guests and less plastic bottles on our jungle treks – once again our team is making a difference in Bukit Lawang and in the whole of Gunung Leuser National Park. Each EcoTravel guest is given an unused 1,5 litre bottle to be refilled for free with clean water in our EcoTravel Cottages throughout their stay and on our jungle treks. Our "LifeStraw® Mission" introduced in March 2017 features a high volume water purifier with a 12 litre capacity, an exclusive device for EcoTravel guests on our jungle campsites. Used bottles will be disposed of after your stay by our EcoTravel Team. Nevertheless, guests are always welcome to bring additional their own re-useable water bottles! We expect to be running "zero plastic bottle tours" in the future! https://www.sumatra-ecotravel.com/keep-the-jungle-green/purified-water-on-ecotravel-treks/ - Since 2014 we have been more than happy to accommodate our touring guests in our frequently awarded EcoTravel Cottages in Bukit Lawang – the first accommodation in town offering daily cleaning service and western bathroom with hot water shower. We are proud of our small Eco-Boutique hotel in the jungle, our little paradise! The opening of The [email protected] EcoTravel, our new small „jungle chic“ accommodation next door, was in June 2020. All our staff are from nearby villages. We follow ecological guidelines by managing different types of waste and avoiding plastic. Most of the food we offer is sourced locally. Drinking water is available for free to all our guests during their stay: https://www.sumatra-ecotravel.com/sumatra-hotel/
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Our EcoTravel team in Bukit Lawang is a pioneer for sustainable jungle trekking and responsible tours in Gunung Leuser National Park. We started 10 years ago and during this time we have gradually brought about a change in thinking on site.
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1 year teacher salary (School Program), Keep The Jungle Green Initiative 2021, Planting Initiative 2021
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