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Turkey - Troia Tusan Hotel

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Troia Tusan Hotel is located in a natural envoirement surrounded by pine trees, looking at Dardanelles Strait. The beach of Troia Tusan Hotel is located in front of the hotel. Troia Tusan Hotel Beach is a sandy beach, the sea is crystal clear, the beach is located in natural cove. Besides, there is wind surf school offered by the Troia Tusan Hotel Beach. Canoing is also available. World cusine and a variety of drinks are served in the bistro cafe of Troia Tusan Hotel Beach. The district of Troia Tusan Hotel is called Güzelyalı village, surrounding of Troia Tusan Hotel is very calm and relaxing. Troia National Park starts just 5 Km away from the hotel, moreoever, Troia ancient site and its famous museum is located just 10 km away. The side road in front of the hotel is a part of an ancient road, which leads to Troy. This natural road acts as a perfect recreation area for trekking, cycling, and walking groups and individuals. The hotel also serves natural products from her own land such as olive and olive oil, fig, tomato, and pepper. Moreover the Mount Ida is very close to the hotel, where the close envoirement is referred as one of the most oxygen rich areas of the world. Mount Ida and its environment is also world - famous with her wide range of fauna, flora and fountains. Troia Tusan Hotel offers trekking and cycling activities around these areas for our guests.
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The hotel is dedicated for 'Well Being Tourism' while encouraging her guests to discover the potential of nature. The area where the hotel is located has been inhabited since 3000 B.C. Doing so, the hotel respects the harmony of the nature and the roots of the human life.
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In order to encourage tourism investors to invest for nature and eco tourism, to become a good model for nature and well being tourism. Well being tourism under eco tourism became a very crucial fact for the future of tourism industry.
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Organic food production with hotel guests
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