Leela Rajamani Ramnath Rajamani

Malaysia - Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Since when you are in travel industry?
Staff/Volunteer Numbers Employed for the Project
10 over a period of 3 years
What are the Activities Performed by You in Ecotourism Field?
Sustainable dugong and dolphin watching,Best practice for conserving dugongs and seagrassess
The Benefit Contribution of the Activity to the World
Protection to dugong and seagrass whose status is now vulnerable in the IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species.
Do you Have a Current Social Responsibility Policy Undertaken?
We currectly try to inculate the sustanability development goals (SDG) as outline by the United Nations in all our activites,research and teaching at university.
Have You Been Involved in Social Responsibility Projects Before?
Add the Particular Porject that You Want to be Nominated For
Community understanding and management of dugong and seagrass resources in Johor,Malasyia
Why Should You be Considered for the Award?
I believe that my contribution since 2011 on community involvement has enabled education of the local communities so that they could get involved with management of the dugong and segrass resources
Future Projects for Ecotourism
I am currently initiating a project on alternative livelihoods of local communities to convery single use plastic in to handicrafts and jewellery to sell for eco-tourism
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