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What are the Elements that Make You An Eco-Friendly Venue?
We have a Green Star Certificate which is given to the hotels Eco-Friendly by the Ministry of Tourism. This certificate is given to the hotels that reduce the waste amount, increases energy efficiency, encouraging renewable energy resources, the adaptation of the facility to the environment, providing training, and cooperating with relevant institutions and organizations.
Environmental Protection Aspects?
Dalyan Region is a unique geography and under conservation by the Turkish Government.
What are the Measures taken for the Preservation of Sea-Life?
There are two Sea-Lives in Dalyan. The sea-life above the sea and sea life under the sea. Dalyan is a place where many tourists visit every year. So the local people carry the responsibility for sustainable tourism. The Fish Corporation in Dalyan is carrying the responsibility of fish production in this natural big fish trap. As the Founder and President of Dalaman Ortaca Koycegiz Hotelier Association, our owner Yucel OKUTUR has started electrical motorboats project on the Dalyan Delta.
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Why Should You be Considered for the Award?
Our hotel has an organic garden in Candir Village right across the river. It is the only organic certified village of Mugla Province. This was a project that was initiated by our owner Yucel OKUTUR, President of Doktob Tourism Assc.  We produce organic pomegranates, citrus fruits, olives and we serve these products on our buffet.  We have a valid international certificate. Our hotel is a good example of being in harmony with nature. It is the only spot along the channel where the character of the river is completely protected along Dalyan River. Our mission is not only to serve in the hospitality industry but also to protect nature by giving support to Organic Agriculture, Electrical Motorboats, Zero-waste Project, protecting historical sights, flora, and fauna as well.
Future Projects for Ecotourism
Agro-Tourism in Organic Village where the guests can collect fruit from trees and experience farm life in Candir Organic Village.
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